Patient Isolation Control (ISO-POD) and Accessories

The ISO-­‐POD is the first and foremost solution in protecting healthcare workers, or any personnel that may come in contact with an infected or contaminated patient to ensure safe and secure isolation and transport.

Benefits & Features

  • Heavy duty and puncture resistant
  • Greater than 12 air exchanges per hour
  • Less than 1 minute set-up time
  • Equipped with a 4 CFM blower with rechargeable Li-­‐Ion battery and charger

ISO-POD Negative Pressure Individual Isolation System

Isolation Filtration Units

Replacement Part for ISO-POD Negative Pressure Individual Isolation System

Framed Anteroom

Outdoor Negative Pressure Isolation Shelter

In the Fall of 2014, Ebola and MERS broke out again on the world health scene and threatened to become global pandemics…and the world was not ready. Fortunately AirBoss Defense was prepared to provide the world’s first responders and medical personnel with the most technically advanced and safe patient isolation and transportation systems (ISO-PODs™) available today.

Starting in 2005, we have been at the forefront of manufacturing ISO-PODs™ to contain the threat of contamination from patients who may have been exposed to an infectious disease or toxic chemicals. For over ten years, our engineers have helped develop new and advanced models that provide unique capabilities found nowhere else in the industry. We have worked with hospitals and first responders to ensure our ISO-PODs™ have the technology and safety features they need to care for a patient and assure the safety of these critical caregivers.

A prime example of this teamwork was the development of our Chemical Biological Suicide Protection System (CBSP). Working in conjunction with Loudoun County, Virginia, Fire Department, Rescue, and Emergency Management (Station 19) we engineered the CBSP to protect and reduce the risk to first responders and medical personnel from contaminated patients for both chemical and biological threats commonly associated with chemical ingestion suicide attempts. The CBSP ISO-POD™ has now become one of our most sought after models. In all, AirBoss Defense provides four different models to ensure one will meet your mission requirements.

Since August of 2014, AirBoss Defense has provided ISO-PODs™ to First Responders, EMS units and hospitals across the U.S. and around the world. Over one-third of the 55 CDC newly designated “Ebola Treatment Centers” have already purchased our ISO-PODs™. The organizations that have chosen to use our ISO-PODs™ is impressive and a testimony to the quality and capabilities we provide them. Although there are other manufacturers of ISO-PODs™, AirBoss Defense is unique as a provider of these items because we manufacture the pods, the filter canisters and the blower system in our facility in Landover, Maryland. One company for all the critical components. One system designed to contain the spread of possible deadly diseases or chemical contamination and protect the lives of the people protecting us!