3-Line Decontamination System

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  • Interior Fabric SchemeYellow Exterior-White Interior with Skylight
  • Exterior Fabric SchemeWhite Thermal Screen
  • Shelter Stored Cube45 x 45 x 45 in
  • Shelter Weight215 lbs
  • Number of Water Booms2
  • Number of Body Sprays20 Total 0.4 GPM each
  • Number of Quick Connects for Hand Wands4
  • Shipping Weight1062 lbs
  • Length20 ft
  • Width11 ft
  • Patented external articulating frame with corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. Design facilitates rapid deployment; shelter can operate with 30% of frame missing or broken.
  • UV stable, fire retardant and chemical resistant fabric on interior. Provides durability; protects exterior frame from contaminants and expedites post-use clean up.
  • Stores to 45″ x 45″ x 45″. Space efficient for facilities with limited space.
  • Separates into 3 decon lines. Enables patient privacy for male and female patients; flexibility to convert second line to non‐ambulatory.
  • On/Off capable shower nozzles on interior fabric saturate patients with 360° of spray. Maintains system integrity and maximizes decon capability; nozzles can easily turn on or off for user’s specific needs.
  • Four ergonomic overhead hand sprayers. Effective in non-ambulatory decontamination.
  • Conveyors with articulate frame and matching transfer boards. Easily transports non-ambulatory patients down entire length of shelter.
  • Interior Basin contains the waste water within the wash/rinse area of the shelter.
  • (1) 3-Line Decontamination Shelter, 20′ L x 11′ W
  • (1) Interior Basin
  • (1) Flash Water Heater, 340,000 BTU, Model SF-12
  • (1) Shower Maintenance Kit
  • (4) Hand Sprayers
  • (1) Water Hose, Decon, Nylon F-F Camloks, 20ft., Red
  • (1) Water Hose, Decon, Nylon F-F Camloks, 20ft., Blue
  • (1) Water Pump, Waste, submersible, 110v, 30gpm
  • (2) Light Fixtures
  • (2) Litter Conveyor
  • (2) Transfer Board
  • (8) Floor Risers, Poly, Rigid, 1.75″ x 24″ x 48″