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The Thermal Signature Target Harness is the interface between the power source and the target module. When target module need to be replaced the harness provides a means of quick disconnect between the power source to the target module via the mating auto-splice connectors. Since the harness can be positioned below the line of fire, damage to the harness itself is infrequent.

The Construction of the basic harness consists of a length of 16/2 SO cable, terminated on one end with a molded, weather resistant, standard duplex type, twin blade plug (NEMA 1-15). Depending on the configuration, the harness will include 1 to 14 appropriately spaced auto-splice leads along its length. Each auto-splice lead terminates with a polarized, push-pull type, molded plug which mates to the auto-splice lead attached to the thermal signature target module. The length of the harness from the power plug to the first auto-splice always fifteen feet, the remaining length, from the first to the last connector, is dependent on the configuration.

There are four standard harness configurations:

1. Infantryman – One (1) auto-splice connector. Powers a single Infantryman (E-Type or F-Type) Target.

2. Infantry Squad – Six (6) auto-splice connectors. Powers up to six (6) Infantryman (E-Type or F- Type) Targets

3. Front View – Eight (8) auto-splice connectors. Powers all Front View configurations presented in TC25-8

4. Flank View – Fourteen (14) auto-splice connectors. Powers all Flank View configurations presented in TC25-8

Custom configurations are also available with in-line tilt switches and special power supply plugs or connectors. Contact TVI Corporation for additional information.