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  • Flow RateGreater than 170 LPM
  • Lithium Ion On-board/ Duration7—8 Hours
  • Expected Battery Life500 Charge/Discharge Cycles
  • Cartridge Options (3 cartridges required)M96 Cartridge (HE/AM/CD/CL/FM/HC/HF/MA/OV/SD)
  • Operating Temperature20ºC to +49 ºC
    -4ºF to +120 ºF
  • Weight (Blower with Battery)596 g
    1.32 lbs
  • Weight (2 HE2 Filters and 1 Plug)786 g
    1.74 lbs
  • Width3.70 in
    94 mm
  • Height5.27 in
    134 mm
  • Length4.15 in
    106 mm

NIOSH Approvals
TC-21C-0809, TC-21C-0839, TC-21C-0840, TC-21C-0841, TC-23C-2341, TC-23C-2458, TC-23C-2484, TC-23C-2497

  • No Fit Testing Required.
  • Reduces risk of respiratory illness.
  • Accommodates facial hair and prescription lenses.
  • Increased production and longer work time on a single batterycharge.
  • Can be used in a 2– filter HE configuration for Biological or Particulate Protection or 3– cartridge configuration for protectionagainst organic vapors, acid gases and particulates (OV/AG/HE).
  • Utilizes universal 40mm filter port threads and wide availabilityof filter media.
  • Independent low flow and low battery alarms permit safe andtimely exit from contaminated areas.
  • Universal head cover size reduce cost and inventory.
  • The FlexAir™ PAPR System features the latest innovations inPAPR design.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Lifetime rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (charged on unit).
  • Compact rapid battery charger is a universal Li Ion batterycharger that can be ganged on a simple power strip.
  • Lightweight and compact PAPR blower.
  • Exceeds NIOSH airflow requirements: >170 lpm (liters per minute).
  • Independent low flow and low battery alarms.
  • Applications: Pharmaceutical, Infections Disease, Forensics/Pathology/Autopsy, Waste Clean Up, Mold Remediation, AsbestosAbatement, Chemical Suicide Incidents, Chemical & IndustrialManufacturing, Welding, Health Care, Agriculture.