Item # FS-CB-15-1, 1500 CFM Chemical/Biological Filtration System

Isolation Filtration Units >> Item # FS-CB-15-1, 1500 CFM Chemical/Biological Filtration System

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  • Capacity0 to 1500 cfm
  • Casing ConstructionContinuously welded, stainless steel enclosure
  • Preset Audible Warning Set-pointPreset at High is ±03, Low is ±01 inches of water after 10 second delay, latched on till acknowledge (user adjustable) with software
  • Duct Size12″ SlipLoc Duct Type Connection
  • Width33 in
  • Depth30 in
  • Height48 in
  • Weight310 lbs
  • Shipping Weight467 lbs
  • Voltage (AC)120 V
  • Phase1
  • Current12 A
  • Options/Replacement Parts16L0004, HEPA Filter
    16L0007, Pre-Filter
    20K0075, Software Package
    21P0034, Hose Assembly
  • Filtration system delivers up to 1500 CFM, working at max air flow provides min 12 air changes per hour for rooms ≤; 7500 cubic feet (Note: Subject to Room Leakage.), meeting flow requirements of the “CDC Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities”.
  • Triple element filter design extends filter life while assuring effectiveness.
  • Pleated pre-filter allows gross filtration removing large particulate matter.
  • Monitors room/shelter pressure (+ or – ) and displays on digital readout.
  • Monitors the pressure drop of the system filters and displays on digital readout in maintenance mode.
  • Upper and Lower Alarm and Warning set points for each of the pressures monitored.
  • Audible and visuals indicators alert the user when the system is in an alarm or warning state.
  • Digital display of the system status during alarm and warning states.
  • Data Port ( Optional Software for data of logging of room/ shelter pressure and alarm/warning conditions).
  • Control system auto-adjusts required air flow in response to the chamber air pressure.
  • Can be used in conjunction with IRT’s infection control shelters or as a stand alone unit for rooms.
  • Vertical design minimizes footprint and optimizes floor space.
  • Unit includes wheels and handles for outdoor movement, casters for vertical indoor movement as well, transport lift handles for safe loading and unloading.
  • The Filters are High Capacity ASHRA, better than 99.99% @ 0.3 micron HEPA Filter tested to IEST-RP-CC007 and IEST-RP-CC034 Carbon Absorber ChemPak. Carbon Absorber, filters out chemical vapors & its design is qualified at the US Army Lab, SBCCOM, Edgewood, MD and displays 15 mins. of FMMP life at 99.9992% efficiency when challenged with 5000mg/m3