Item # FS-PB-04-4, MK-1 Filtration Unit

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  • Variable Fan Speed0 to 400 cfm
  • Length37 in
  • Width15 in
  • Height15 in
  • Duct Size (L x Diameter)12 ft x 8 in
  • Room Monitor ElectronicsYes
  • Data Log Capability1Yes
  • Vertical Stand with UV Microbial IrradiationYes
  • Weight Filtration Unit with Filters62 lbs
  • Weight Duct with Bag14 lbs

1 Not included, but can be purchased separately (20K0075)

  • Creates a pressure differential (positive or negative) between the room and each adjacent space. Continuously filters the room and anteroom. 99.995% efficient bio-safe level HEPA.
  • Variable speed fan. Continuously filtering the exhaust air 0 to 400 CFM.
  • Integral Meter, indicates filter conditions.
  • Factory tested and certified replacement filter module. The filtration system complies with or exceeds the aerosol testing requirements for NSF49-FDA regulations for biological safety cabinets, laminar hoods, and ducted clear air devices. ANSI 510-Testing of nuclear air treatment devices.
  • Optional Data Log Software and Cable (PN: 20K0075). Programmable set points and alarms, time and event data logging.