Item # IN-IRAM-0304-01, Inverted Y/Hazard Marking Kit

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Inverted Y/Hazard Marking Kit Four Powered Infrared Signaling Panels. Each panel is constructed with powered infrared emitters that appear hot when viewed through a FLIR. and no-power material that is visible to both a FUR and night vision goggles. Four No-Power Infrared Signaling Panels for use with a FLIR or night vision goggles. Four Powered Near-Infrared Signaling Devices that can be used separately or in conjunction with any panel in the system. These devices are viewable by night vision goggles and other light intensifiers. Four high-strength Point Marker Platforms. Point Marker Platforms should be anchored with both tent stakes and sandbags. All panels fasten to the platforms with sturdy metal snap hooks. One Hi-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers One reeled power cable for powering the entire ‘Inverted Y” off of a single high capacity power source Four Power cables for connecting powered panels to BA-53907U, BA-5590/U, or UBI-2590 batteries. Rugged Cordura® Nylon bags for Panels, Platforms, and Accessories Mallets, 550 Cord, Sixty (25) mil-spec tent stakes, and repair kit Options Infrared Signaling Panels in various numbers and geometric shapes that can be viewed by both a FLIR and night vision goggles Wireless Remote Activation Device for use with military radios (mid 2006) Vehicle panels in various shapes (Similar to TIP Panels)
  • Works with all FLIR systems and night vision goggles
  • The only Infrared Raised Angle Marking System offering the latest in mid, far and near infrared technology in a lightweight and portable package.
  • Complete. TVI’s Infrared Raised Angle Marking System™ (patent pending) contains everything needed to securely mark FARPs, landing zones, and drop zones in all light, weather, and environmental conditions. The system includes:

    • Powered Infrared Signaling Panels that can be detected by a FLIR for up to 4 kilometers or more, even in overcast, dusty or other adverse conditions.
    • Powered Near-Infrared Signaling Devices that can be detected for up to 10 kilometers or more using night vision goggles
    • Combination Infrared Signaling Panels that allow aircraft equipped with a FLIR or night vision goggles to clearly distinguish numbers and other symbols. These innovative signaling panels can be used without power, or, for enhanced performance in adverse conditions, powered with standard military batteries.
    • Powered Infrared Signaling Panels can powered by any 24V power source, including BA-5390/U, BA-5590/U, or UBI-2590 batteries, the TVI Hi-Capacity Rechargeable Battery, or military or civilian vehicle power. Each panel draws less than 3 amps at 24 volts when powered infrared emitters are in use.
    • Flexible. The operator can choose which signaling panel or combination of panels to deploy depending on environmental conditions and how aircraft are equipped. Powered Infrared Panels. for example, can help prevent hard landings by providing a point of reference for FLIR equipped aircraft landing in adverse conditions such as brownouts.
  • Fast. Included with each system are TVI’s patented articulated Point Marker Platforms. The extremely lightweight and rugged platforms can be opened or closed in seconds, allowing an “inverted Y” or similar landing zone marking to be set up quickly.
  • Secure. For security, none of the Infrared Signaling Panels emit visible light and all require a FLIR. thermal imager, or night vision goggles to be viewed.
  • Lightweight. With each Point Marker Platform weighing just 6 pounds and Infrared Signaling Panels weighing 2 pounds or less, the kit is truly lightweight and portable.
  • Reliable. TVI has nearly 25 years of experience in building rugged and reliable infrared products for the military.
  • Safe. Completely safe to use, no high temperatures or harmful.