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  • Dry Weight: 66 lbs
  • Solution Ratios: 0.2 -1.6 %
  • Agent Capacity (Quarts): 10
  • Number of Inputs: 2
  • Number of Outputs: 4
  • Throughput Wash: 10 gpm
  • Throughput Rinse: 10 gpm


  • Garden Hose Female- CamLok female adapter (2)
  • GStainless Steel Cage
  • GPressure Reduction Valve
  • GThermostatic Temperature Valve
  • GIn-line Water Filter
  • GDual Wash and Rinse Output
  • GOutput Temperature Gage
  • GClean Out Tube


  • Dositron mixer injects pre-set percent solution to provide emulsifying wash.
  • Accepts hydrant, garden hose or CamLok water input.
  • Mounted on stainless steel cage to provide portability.
  • Thermostatic Temperature Valve allows mixing of hot and cold water inputs.
  • In-line water filter effectively removes sediment and other debris from input water.
  • Stainless steel construction is non-corrosive to provide years of reliable service.
  • Multiple outputs allow for operation of up to two shelters from one mixer.
  • CamLok fittings provide easy water output hook up by suited technicians.
  • Pressure Reduction Valve prevents system damage from high-pressure inputs.
  • Accurate mixing regardless of water flow or pressure.