Item # SIS-MKB01-Z, Framed Anteroom

Framed Anteroom >> Item # SIS-MKB01-Z, Framed Anteroom

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  • FrameBlue
  • Fabric ColorE=White
    K=Blue with Clear End Doors
  • Length3 ft
  • Width5 ft
  • Height7 ft
  • Shelter Stored Cube36 x 12 x 22 in
  • Floor Mat (L x W)3 x 5 ft
  • Clear Plastic1-Roll (6 ft x 12 ft)
  • Chem-Tape1-Roll (2 in W x 60 YD)
  • Transport BagGray
  • Shipping Weight62 lbs
  • Weight32 lbs
  • Floor Mat (3’L x 5’W)
  • Roll of Clear Plastic (6′ x 12′)
  • Ground Roll of Chem-tape (2″W x 60 YD)
  • Gray Transport Bag
  • Portable and collapsible.
  • No trip hazards. Easy to roll hospital carts and equipment through the anteroom.
  • Light weight and compact.
  • Clear 8.5″ x 11″ clip board pouch for room identification. Convey critical information in view of all staff.
  • Magnetic covers for return air duct.
  • Optional MK-1 System with Room Monitoring Software (SYS-SIS-MKB01-(color)Z-61). See the MK-1 data sheet for filtration and software details.