Outdoor Negative Pressure Isolation Shelter

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  • Length24 ft
  • Width16 ft
  • Height9 ft
  • Chamber Capacity8 Patients
  • Fabric ColorWhite
  • WindowsBack
    Interior Door
    One on Each Side
  • Interchangeable Windows2-Pass-Thru
    2-Utility Ports
  • Doors1 – Air Lock Door
    2 – End Doors
  • Stored Cube53 x 53 x 53 in
  • Shelter Weight272 lbs
  • FrameBlack
  • Shipping Weight565 lbs
  • Shelter & Filtration Unit as a SystemSYS-SIS-WXA10-EZ-31, 1500 CFM HEPA Filtration System
    SYS-SIS-WXA10-EZ-41, 1500 CFM Chemical/Biological Filtration System
  • Isolation system insures state-of-the-art performance, reliability and speed of deployment.
  • Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum frame with chemical resistant fabric provides for long life and reliability.
  • Internal PVC lining can be decontaminated using standard hospital protocols.
  • Integral zippered 5 foot deep, full width anteroom with full anteroom functionality.
  • Sidewall and overhead attachment points for monitoring equipment.
  • Thermal Screen reduces shelter heat gain.
  • Snorkeled ductwork for filtration unit.
  • Interchangeable multi-use wall panels.
  • Standard windows on each side and double end viewing portals.
  • Shelters sized for either three or eight patients.
  • Can be easily switched to positive pressure operation.